Frequently Asked Questions:

Placing an order:

How do I know what size container I need?

Please review container sizes to decide the best sized container for your job, or you can give us a call and we will be glad to assist you.

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

We appreciate a 24 hour notice, however, in most cases we can complete your request the same day if the order is placed by noon.

Can I add additional hauls/containers?

Yes. Just be aware that you will be charged the full quoted amount for an additional haul/container.

What if the driver comes for delivery/pick up and I am not ready for the delivery/pick up?

If we show up to deliver or pick up a container at the scheduled time and you decide you are not ready, we will have to add a trip charge to your account of $100.00. If you know ahead of time that you would like to postpone a delivery or pick up, just give us a heads up before hand to avoid any additional charges.

Does someone need to be onsite when the container is being delivered/picked up?

No. As long as you have given us specific instructions as to where you would like the container placed, our drivers will do their best to place the container in the exact location specified. Be aware that our drivers will use their best judgment when placing the container to ensure it is in the safest location and will be easily accessible. We do request an onsite contact phone number should we have any questions. Customers must keep the container unobstructed so that we are able to pick it up or relocate as needed. If the equipment is inaccessible the customer may be subject to additional pick up charges.

Will I be billed for extra weight?

Yes, if your tonnage exceeds the tons quoted in your order, an overage weight charge will be applied.

Questions about my order:

How do I change or cancel an order?

Call us, we will be glad to accommodate your needs!

What if I need to keep my container longer or have it removed sooner?

No problem, just give us a call and again we will be glad to accommodate whatever you need. If you need to keep it longer there may be an additional rent fee depending on what was included in your original quote.

Will the container cause any damage to the site?

We recommend that the customer protect any surface where the container is going to be placed with a 4’x8’ sheet of plywood.

Can the container be placed in the street?

You must check with your local municipality. Permits may be required.

How much space do I need for the container?

Please refer to the container dimensions here: Container sizes

What are unacceptable material items for roll-off containers?

Please refer to prohibited items here: Prohibited items

Payment for my order:

What are my payment options?

BCS accepts: Cash, Checks, and the following credit cards - Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

How can I make payment for my order?

Payment can be made to the driver at the time of delivery, called into our office at 704-734-8382 or 704-750-3142, or made online.

Terms we use:

Delivery or Drop

The delivery of your container.

D&R (dump and return) or swap

This is when we pick up your full container and replace it with an empty one.

Final Pick up

The pick-up of your container when your job is complete.

15 yard Container

Smaller container usually used in residential areas.

30 yard container

Larger container usually used in commercial areas.

Concrete container

Small container used for heavy materials such as dirt, concrete or masonry.

Solid Waste

Household trash.


"Construction and Demolition".